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What Good Is Mine - text

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I waited for your love in hope
That ours would come again
And make me feel the things i left
When we were one back then
But time and distance have erased
The things i wished anew
And now i find myself alone
Though i am here with you.
What good is mine that does not touch
What good is mine that gives you pain
What good is mine that makes you run
And makes you lost out in the rain
I traveled to another world
Out far beyond the one we knew
I thought that i could live again
And now i find i'm back with you
But what of hearts that beat as one
And what of passion and embrace
Is too much to ask of you
To make these tears of mine erase
Too painful this – to journey back to times of love and loughter free
The times we lay together with
A sense of you, a sense of me
Too painful this
So now i journey on alone forever wondering in my thoughts
And shall ask you once again what good is mine.

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