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Love Is a Bitch - text

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Softly stroke your breast
I´m weeping crying, thoughts of denying.
For the last time get by me!
Shall i ever see the darkest side
My friend, it´s the time
My vanity, it´s oh deep
I cursed you one hundred times
Cause i was made to fly
But you were made to die
Moan road with every new experience around me
Faith is going nowhere
Can´t live without trust in mind
God damned misery
Do i live in my dream
If you ever join me there
Can´t believe in what i never see
Don´t make me hate
I don´t know if i can stand it
I´ve lost in all the things we do
Maybe i want more than i am
(: hold me down :)
I´m feeling all my chances drown
…. so let´s celebrate our lifes
I know i went wrong many times
Nothing´s never ending
I can´t miss the point

Text přidal DevilDan

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