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In the Bubble - text

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You slowly waste my time, not asking how i feel inside
Deceit, you always hate what i believe
You're used to live in a bubble, never concede your any single fault
Your head is bald
But there's not
Always sunrise, when you get this finally
You got to do more, it's all the same
Ain't always sunrise, you have lost it seems to me
Your sick black soul fell asleep
This mercy came suddenly and I know it's time to take it easily
I need to see your face out
No excuse, it was just the blackout
I really didn't want to fight till the end
Up today, up today
Many times got yourself out of control
Your succes still far away, what very new want to tell us today
Your patience the shade, still I can feel you close
Furious anger comes again, you quit to realize I'm a man

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