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I Can't Sleep Anyway - text


Comprehension of this life
So useless seems to me
Like a bad dream
You're not speaking to me
Dawn's coming suddenly

Once she took me by hand
Gently caress my shoulder
But everything is passing away
I get near carefully
But we shall never see one another again
We are sick of being together
Oh, we are not on the same shore
It's how it had to be

When reality would be
Different so completely
So different, it apears
I'm not that cruel, face to face no more
And no more lying if i shall recall

You came so close, so near
I felt taken to heaven for a while
Forsaken for now & ever
What an absurd thought to me
But we shall never…..

Don't make a mention of this
Slow sinking down
I don't know who we are
It have to be
Over me

Nature is the temple with alive colonnade
Tangle of silent voices ring here now and then
People are walking in this symbolic forest
Which is wary watching them

There are fresh smells gone away
Just like red cheek of a child
With the sweet oboe with freshness of the grass
Why dearest shall pass

As the echoes fuse into deep dark unity
So the colours, parfumes, will be the same for ever
High above the trees, high above the lakes
Flow my spirit, fly away

Somewhere in me I found true passion finally.
Drug is sneaking around me
Nothing change its vanity

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