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I spent on you all my time and whole my mind
But you were make me the devil´s serf
Fear goes by
I waited then you´d be my man
Tell me that you ain´t feeling what i feel
Listen to me i´m the new messiah
Taste the holy blood, running from my veins.
You gave me your entire faith.
You got to meet my every perverted wish
What is made in my head
You go down the spiral, bewitched, back to eden
It´s getting closer, change is bound to come
There is someone out there
Think you´re loved but there´s no one there at all
I hope you have a good time
For shabtay cvi this is the very good time
Let my spirit fly across the deep red sky
My love chains breaking, that´s not the way it supposed to be
Both my eyes hypnotized
The devil keeps loughing into my face
Rusty blade takes me to another place

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