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I feel breathing colour, making paintbrush scary
I should believe the way, that i can survive from dust
Till down
Whole my body taken, lured into your toils
Showing open gate
But i´ll be never going there.
I´ll leave my home tonight
With lightings screaming in my heart
I can´t spend this life with you!
Midnight´s gone away!
Lizard went to l´amour in somersaults of fury
Solemn moment in your life
Could you give me something more
Careless vortex spins my mind but something´s
Changing under.
Something what makes me feel better unborn.
All lust will die and stale our love is going to stain
I pray for change this thorny way
But i´m turning in my grave and worms keep sing their lullaby
Soul flows and my face is pale

Text přidal DevilDan

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