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A Little Girl Lost - text


Children of the future age
Reading this indignant page
Know that in a former time
Love, sweet love, was thought a crime

In the age of gold free from winter´s cold
Youth and maiden bright
To the holy light
Naked in the sunny beams delight

In the flames reborn
You fly with burning wings
Over my meadow
Shall i join your world
If you let me know

Conclusive mistake i made this day
For now and everytime
Your´re my creaky law, you´re game we still have to play

Once a youthful pair
Filled with softest care
Met in garden bright
Where the holy light
Had just removed the curtains hannts of the night

Then, in rising day
On the grass they play
Parents were afar
Strangers came not near
And the maiden soon forgot her fear

Tired with kisses sweet
They agreee to meet
When the silent sleep
Waves o´er heaven´s deep
And the weary tired wanderers weep

To her father white
Came the maiden bright
But his loving look
Like the holy book
All her tender limbs with terror shook.

Text přidal DevilDan

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