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In the back of the limousine
She's getting laid by the porno' queen.
They're going at it pretty good
I guarantee it's gonna be.
In the disco late at night
See a snake king doin' it right
Somebody touches, he starts a fight
I guarantee you're gonna see
And all those times she's living in a dream
Well what I'm trying to say is
She doesn’t know she's so mean
She can really bitch and scheme
I've seen the cracks showing in her wall
Up to now they're so very small
And then I get that feeling
That it's down to you
She never rises 'til the afternoon
She goes through the mirror scene
She sits for hours and paints her face
She slakes her toenails green
I guess you'd say she looks good
You know she always does
But I know she's gonna blow it all
Know it's gonna be
Like a lizard crawls a tambourine
She makes no sound, she can't be seen
'Til somebody tries to break her dream
Then you know it's gonna be
Shellshock, shellshock
Shellshock, shellshock

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