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Restless - there's too many people
I just don’t want to meet
Getting reckless - there's a headless shuffle
Going on down the street
I been thinking, hey, and it's bringing me down
And I'm sinking, I been going under
And I don’t wanna drown
But all those popeyes eating cookies seem to do alright
When you see them in the movies
Such a beautiful sight
If you meet them on the street
They're gonna give you a fright
They'll scare the shit right out of you
And make you stay awake all night
Restless - there's too many things
That I just don’t want to know
Kind of breathless - sick of running
When there's no place to go
Got a notion - hey, ain't got a penny to my name
No emotion - I never had a woman
Who didn't drive me insane
But all those cacky eyed Lolitas seem to do ok
When you see them in the movies
Always good for a lay
If you meet them on the streets
They're gonna make you pay
Restless - so many places I just gotta see
Getting legless - ain't going nowhere
And it's worrying me
So bad - hey, I just can't get away
So sad - if I don't get to move you
So sad - I'll be wasting my days
All those groovies in the movies
Seem to do just fine
When you see them on the screen
They always shoot you a line
When you meet them in the flesh
It's just a waste of time

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