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Nine - text


Number nine
Number nine

Well, it's a crazy situation
But it's so very clear
Everybody needs a reason just for being here
Won't you take a look
Why won't you take a look
But it doesn't really matter if you're young or old
Everybody needs an answer, or so I've been told
It's an open book
Why don't you take a look

So don't be wasting my time
We could get along fine
If you don't mind
Put the eight ball down the pocket
Then you gotta go for Number nine

Well, this is my capitulation for this time of year
Could be flyin' down to Rio
But I'm stuck in here
Guess you're out of luck
I guess you're out of luck
And when it's three times free
The cats are countin' their lives
But no one's keeping score
Except the ones who survive
Your number's up
This time your number's up

So don't look so wasted all your life
Got to cut like a knife
Rolling dice
If I will get you ten
Then you're losing out on Number nine

Number nine
Number nine
I wanna be flyin'
Don't need no magic carpet I'm relying upon Cloud 9

I know I've got a reputation
But it's nothing to fear
Just the same old information
Been getting for years and years
(and years and years and years..)
I've been wondering just how long
It's gonna take it to stop
I can feel it in my water
And I haven't touched a drop
Now you're off the hook
Come on and take a look

But I think we'll get along time
I got this here bottle of wine
And just a little line
Ridin' on Number nine
Number nine

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