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Well you said your faith in life wasn’t giving you everything
So why do you want to play with guns
Why do you want to do all those kind of foolish things

Well I know you always said
You never knew your daddy's name
And I guess you told me so a million times
I heard you say I never was the one to blame

How well I remember it was back in '69
You was always running around with nothing to lose
Eating too many blues trying to stay alive

When everything we thought was true
Was true enough for me and you
Oh Mario, when no-one else would see you through
Oh Mario

Your faith in life is everything
Put away your guns with your childish dreams
Oh Mario
With your painted wife and your priest that sings
Waiting for your songs
Give them silver rings and precious stones

Everything you thought was true
Was only down to me and you
No-one else would see you through
Mario, what else could I do?
Oh Mario

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Misplaced Ideals

Sad Café texty

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