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The Night They Came to Kill - text


I look around - I'm in a giant cage
The lights are on . I know I'm not alone
The only sound I hear - It is my breath
Prepare to meet with torture and death

Thriving on my scent of fear
Feeding on my stifled screams
I'm here awaiting the butchery
Slayers are coming for me

I am flying - Trying to break free
Forever captured - Like in my childhood dreams
I'm trapped within myself - A slave to my own kill
In my subconscious only fear - The night they came to kill... with their shining blades of steel
Motionless they stare without mercy
Why do these nightmares seem so fuckin' real
I know the pain - I know the way it feels

I must wake up or I will die
Don't want to dream - Give me peace of mind
Don't want to sleep but I return
Can't move or hide

Good night

Whenever that I think there is a way
Some hole where I can sneak out of this net
Another grim sadistic man appears
Grinning cold - Wanting me dead

Text přidal DevilDan

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