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The Warrior's Scion - text


'2400 years ago, there ruled a warrior in the kingdom of
Macedon cold and hard, like the Northlands of Hellas from whence he was
spawned. The sun was setting on the splendor of Athens in those days... and the
valor of Sparta was falling into ruin. Holy War was the word on all lips.
Like the lightning bolts of Zeus, deadly and swift, they rode down the barbarians,
striking in the dead of night, clutching with talons of icy death: Macedonia's grief
was thus sated with the invader's blood... But the warrior's most fierce attack on the
scourge of Easterlings, would not come from spear or sword, rider by moonlight or
victory pyre in the night - his loins would beget a son: the true hammer
'Hellenic revenge...'

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