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The Bold Prince of Macedonia - text


In the land of Macedonia, in the northlands of Hellas,
The dead King is being mourned and 'vultures' covet the Sacred Throne

Alexander is now King - All hail Phillip's son!
Hellenic Blood, son of the Gods, the dukes of Persia he will crush!

The traitors face their final judgment - Phillip's killers to the death he drags!
After justice has been served, a war campaign now's on the run

The Nation's League he must preserve - to the South now he marches!
Thebes is now burning to the ground - Flames consume the ancient town!

Doom brings with him the Bold Prince of Macedonia
Traitors of Hellas you'll repent and pay the price

The troops now he gathers - a holy pact he must uphold
His army crossed the Hellespont - The Persian hubris must be stopped

His father's dream must carry on, he wants to reach the end of world...
In Granicus he is forcing, the Persian satraps to withdraw

And marches on...

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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