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The Battle of the Granicus (Persian in Throes.. - text


The first clarion calls
Commanding the ground
To shake underneath
The phalangites' sandaled feet!

Horses of war
Trampling the earth -
Dust clouds doth raise
A halo around the charge!

Pure ran the river,
'ere the clash of the swords;
The Nymphs in the water
Shrank back in fear

Alexander shines ahead
Leading the cavalry forth!
A lion of gold
His helmet flashes a roar:
Those who stand against him shall
I fall, down where Granicus flows

Where Granicus flows...

Red runs the river,
Foaming with blood;
The Nymphs in the water
Embracing the dead!

The din of arms
Was heard loud and far
Ringing a knell
That sang "The Persian in throes!"

Barbarians impaled
On Sarissae long -
Their poignant screams
Were carried to Abydos' halls!

To Abydos' halls!

Red ran the river
In the battle's wake -
Granicus forever
Victory's shrine shall remain!

Alexander triumphant
Raised his broad sword -
Hailing the sun
And the eagles aloft!

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