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Macedonian Force - text


In 326,
The winter was cold
The winds raged in spite
Yet the phalanxes marched
Heeding the call!

Alexander arrives!
Yield or run for tour life!
The rumor did spread
Like fire burning wild

Massaga, Ora and Aornos fall
See their pyres in the night
Up to the stars burning high
Across the old satrapies

King Porus was in fear
To Ganges he did pray -
But - alas - he did so in vain!

Macedonian force!
At the ends of the world
Clashed with the foe -
Painted men and outlandish beasts!

Alexander could never
Know any fear: He rode ahead
Into the fray
By princes flanked
Where the glory crowns
The true kings of men...

Hark! Thousands of hoplites
The wild Indus cross -
Led by the one
The Aries of War!

Porus bore down
On the shining host
He put down the horse
But not the rider alike
And tor Bucephala
He did pay a high price...
Macedonian force
At the ends of the world
Pushed back the foe
Down the abyss
Of Tartarus cold...

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