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The Child Within - text


Anj eerie light guiding me to your fantasy
A nocturnal play, the prophecy of grace
This silent fear erodes your hopes of love
The stronger is the feeling, which is all you own
Gifted with anxiety, suffering silently
The solitary way, you're dying everyday
The dreams of salvation hasten to perdition
Only a child may enter the kingdom of God
Gazing to the stars above for a sign of true love
Desire which has killed your child within
Thinking: ''The war inside my head, my damnation
It's all for none and none for all in this dark fall
The shadow of the cross on my wall Empty gallows
Is God a make-believe? The creed held by greed
Innocence left behind No light for me to find
The one I thought I found stomped my face to the ground''
The endless night, your lonely fight
No lies to take away your mind
Forget reason, feel the salvation
Believe and give in to your child within

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