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Masquerade - text


A song from a lonely heart,
A poem for the fallen ones
Last verses
Comforting the forlorn
Sing it to me once again
And let the music flow
Sing for the beauty,
The world masquerade
Let me feel, let me see!
My demons won't leave me be
In this world of blasphemy
It's disguise is crushing me
Why is it too hard to love?
Too hard to cure this all...
For the end of my days
Hallowed to you
I cannot sleep at night
The endless pain taking over my mind
Behind this mask, my solitary fight
Never to love, never to be loved
Show me the line between virtue and sin
Empty life devoted to realism
Hypocrite dreams, careless and vile:
'' You're innocent and brave ''
I dug my own grave!
I am still here,
Though there is nothing I feel
This world is killing me
Though my pain come from within
I don't know who to trust
This is my final thrust
People acting as the One
Fearing for the kingdome come
Listen carefully my son
You can hear the cry of the planet,
Weeping for lost dreams and shattered hope
Broken people in this world of black- and- white,
searching for their redeemer
But they have forgotten...
... The cross
The sacrifice

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