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Image of God - text


An empty shell staring down in yourself
That's what I see in you
And you can't see you caused it yourself,
Once again
''There's sin deep in you all!
Thank God that I am still pure! ''
You see your fate: To rid the world of plague
''The God-damn christians!''
Heretic rage blinds your heart from the One,
On and on
All that you are is all that you are!
You are an image of God
But the moon still needs the sun
Fade away in your pain
Hate's here to stay!
Choke them in what they earn
And make them burn!
Now it's time to pay,
It is the reckoning day
Throw the first stone
But you will learn
There are plans for you
You will see these words are true!
''Come, come my son...
Why do you persecute me?
I shall tell you what to do!
You are an image of Me!
You're the moon and I am the sun
All your sins are now gone
For I'm the One!''
You are an image of God
And the moon has found it's sun
Spread the word, word of God
You've seen the One!
All that you were is gone!
Now you save souls
Now you're free!

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