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Hear the rain fallin' from the mizzen mast
Feel the pain, knowin' that you cannot last
It's the song of siren screamin' in your head
(it's in your head boy)
Not too long and lad, you're gonna end up dead!

So drive it through the water
A few feet more, you got her!
Just ram into the rock
And then feel it pitch and shock
'til your blood is pumping cold
Laddie, then there's water
Water's in the hold!

Touch of bubbles on your salted skin
(your salted skin, ah)
No more troubles as you drift on in
(drift on in, hey)
Breath is leaving, you don't need that air
(don't need that air, no)
Death ain't grievin' and she just don't care!

Hold her close, hold her fast
Make this dark and wet night last
Water's in the hold!

Wrapped in ocean, you belong to she
(you belong to me now)
Trapped in motion now, you can't get free
(don't you go nowhere)
In her grips it seems you have to stay
(stay right there, ah)
Kiss her lips 'cause lad, it's best that way!

Text přidal DevilDan

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