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The Pixie Can't Sleep - text


The dreams are coming, wild and still
The dreams are coming in.
The thief of love collects her kill
The night can now begin/the walls start closing in

The pixie can't sleep

She loved you better, but could you let her?
She's banished back to the dreaming; just forget her.
Out with the hungry; in with the burned
The lesson is learned-you both played the victim.

I know you know the Pixie can't sleep/sleep is overrated.
Since she heard you can't sleep she's devastated.

Rest is overrated; love is a dream without a world.
Its language is empty as a coma, floating free of all concerned.
The lesson learned-let go and go.
There's more room to breathe when you're alone.

The pixie can't sleep

Just a little too late the dragon dreams
The goddess rises and she screams:
Girl, what are you doing? Your love is a dream
Without a setting, and you're forgetting the lesson learned.

The dreams are coming wild and still
The dreams are coming in
The thief of love collects her kill
The night can now begin/walls start closing in
The dreams are singing wild and shrill
She vanishes in the din
The thief of love can drink her fill
But the sleeper's growing thin-I am stretched too thin.

I can't sleep.

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