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September Morning Bell - text


There's a girl who casts no shadow
with a bright sword at her side
in a ship of her own making
she'll leave upon the tide

Through stormy seas and shark fins
her tiny ship will sail
and you must keep a lookout
through sun and gusty gale

By rush of wind, by leopard
by roads to lose your way
by order of the Marquess
by now, by Saturday

by pink and yellow teacups
by words from A through L
through wonders cast by witches
September Morning Bell

By true names and by falsehoods
by lion and by light
by clock and spoon and rising moon
by sea, by key, by night

by spriggan and by highweel
by wyvern and by wind
by stone and stem and hourglass
by wit and by chagrin

seek a girl who casts no shadow
in her gleaming maryjanes
and when you find this castaway
who cannot leave and cannot stay
by order of the missing queen
whose clock has stopped today

you'll cast her down in darkness
you'll follow where she fell
to shine a light through stormy night
for September Morning Bell

For she who casts no shadow
must be made to obey
by tide and tithe and glashtyn
by now, by Saturday

For all those hardly heartless
by roads to lose your mind
by once and future cauldron
by root and leaf and vine

By wing and chain and changeling
by roads to lose your heart
by sceptre and by copper wrench
and by thy mother's sword

By panther and by crystal
by map and whippoorwill
the seasons burn and so returns
September Morning Bell

The seasons burn
and so returns

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