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Rain Falls Hard - text


So, love's got you wandering in a January haze
With no tornado warning to help classify these mixed-up days?
Someone's got you thinking that you'll maybe be okay?
Hold onto that every time you gotta watch your baby walk away.

Oh, the rain falls hard when he's gone.
(the) Radio is blasting, can you find the strength to sing along?
Rain's got a gloomy beauty,
but all these goodbyes make the sunlight look wrong.
I'm left holding on.

Oh, gather, brave young lovers; let me sympathize with you.
Comes the night, I'll be feeling ghostly arms around me, too.
Is this not the life we choose?
To be in so deep, so torn asunder, and so bravely sing these blues?

But the rain falls hard when he's gone!
The radio is blasting, can you help me sing along?
Rain's got this gloomy beauty, but these goodbyes make the sunshine seem wrong.
I'm left holding on.

The sky falls black when he's here.
The rain pours down beautiful, cleans out all the poison and the fear
All Five Horizons are sunsetted clear

The rain falls like a lover when he's gone.
And I'm left dreaming on.
I'm left holding on.

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