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My Kind Of Angel - text


I want to sing, maybe not out loud, to your singing soul
beginning to think I'm looking too hard for angels lately.
Your eyes are so young, but I know mine are younger
Just to hear you speak-- It calls up the hunger again
to run away with you, without you, just away, be gone
Your hair in your face would make me cry
if I let it, let alone the grace.

I want a piece of you to walk with me, somehow,
anywhere magic would go.
You make me remember-- I don't know anything at all
Answers, answers, answers are all we all wish to see
is there anything you could tell me?
Make me a believer in the fact that I won't fail
Will you be my guardian angel?

Never gonna be a groupie, just the girl up on stage
but you make me wonder.
Young and believing means you fall
in love and everything too easy
this easy spell you've got me under!
You can say you feel too deeply,
but maybe you just feel right.
I can say I feel too deeply,
but maybe I'm just beginning to feel all right
I'm under your light.
It might come from not getting out much
or not knowing enough people I can love
but when I look I look too often within and not above.
Straight ahead now, I'm watching you
hanging on the stem of every note
Would you smuggle me out of heaven?
Hide me under your winged coat?

Post-love songs are as good
as any to hear when my love is away.
Love and music kill me, but I wanna drown
in them both every possible way, any day.
I've grown out of boys before, but angels make for new classification.
I'm so eager, and I'm so scared,
just some crazy little flower all touched
by what you've shared
Tears hung back somewhere
so I can still see you play,
You're an angel.
You're my kind of angel,
oh, if just for today.

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