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Mummy Medusa - text


mummy medusa will rock us all down

she calls you from the shadows, never lets you win
you wander down to the gorgon, not knowing how to begin...
all you know, she'll never let you go, stoneboy, no

mummy medusa will rock us all down
tendrils hang my head I hang my head down
Rapunzel dripped her tendrils over
charming boy is left to wonder what the signal means
tendrils hang my head snakes kiss my head now

kiss from the snakebite awakens you there
curled up in shadow paralyzed but aware
no pain, no living, no sign of her
cold stone you've gone
the chisels pierce your fur, perfect your stare
and mummy medusa will rock us all down
yellow eyes animating you, cold scales a soft new home
stone eyes closed close to her breast
her heart is hissing, children, come...

for mummy medusa will rock you all down
rock us all down.

stone boy wants to get me stoned
cold concrete his heartbeat's home
warm smoke rises in yellow eyes
his heart is hissing
i am alone

riccochet her off my shield;
I scream from icy hero's skin
kissing life behind concrete lips,
I flash mine eyes at her and win.
mummy medusa will rock you all down

Rapunzel's left her tendril tower
trailing snakes and dreams
bare feet warm and growing scales, she
licks prince charming's screams

mummy medusa will rock us all down...

Text přidal DevilDan

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