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Mary Mary - text


Sun rises behind clouds soft and slow
your mother sits waiting for the light to overflow
The gray's come uninvited and she shall not have her sun
think about whether you'd rejoice if you were the chosen one.
the winners write the history and religion writes the rules
but prophecies are nothing acted out by men and fools.
we take chances on nothing and hold our secrets high
chances taken long ago gave birth to the immaculate lie

ooh, mary mary what burdens you carry
heart and mind both broken, damage no one would believe
ooh, mary mary what scars you must carry
sin runs in the family running all the way back to Eve.

fire is only fire; gods have many names
they'll stone you like a liar if you dare dance in the flames
and know yourself a woman;
fear hand in hand with "i don't understand"
the hate will flow as quick, as strong
as water from your hand
blood from your baby's wounded hand
He came without your asking, no laughter in the summer night
gods and angels come and go just as men, and who are we to fight?
to know ourselves as daughters and take pride in the phrase
takes courage, strength, and wisdom
but they used you, used you up in so many ways

ooh, Mary Mary what burdens you carry
a prophet and his mother--both of you insane
ooh, Mary Mary what scars you must carry
they'll honor your sweet name
and never know the truth of pain

your daughters we have suffered
all the slander of these years
blame, mistrust and evil dance the galliard of our fears
so next time he calls you baby and belittles all your tears
let him know your strength
is boundless as your frailty disappears

sun sinks below the ground, gaudy pink and gold
the maiden sits believing in the lie she's madly told
as mother, sits believing in the miracles she's told
like biting backward glances, mary's chances all dried up and gone
tell me boy, would you take your chance to be the chosen one?
carpenter and harlot unwavering eye to eye
to see the other sides of the old original sin; original lie

ooh, Mary Mary what burdens you carry
slivers of the goddess that they never let us see
ooh, Mary Mary what scars you must carry
too late we resurrect you, reverently set you free
(wish we could have set you free)

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