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Heart Beat - text


Come and listen in the twilight time, speak in incantory waves
Bring your drum down to the fire
and watch the surface change.
Boundary illusions all shatter at your will
come midnight when the gates roll back
and the family goes still.

Ah, here we are in the midst of spirits dancing
Join the trybe in a waking dream.
Let your song continue and the imbas quell your fear
we flow with baited breath; round about the spiral go
when the Bards, my love, have spoken, you will know.

Spend the night, gold-throated changeling,
hard-headed angel
tonight we dance in open air
let the spiral take you. We'll be with you when you dare.
bring your heart for drumming
then journey on; handle with care.

See the magic embers fly
Listen in the twilight time

Ah, here we are in the midst of spirits dancing
Join the trybe in a waking dream.
Know your song continues; let it's imbas quell your fear
unleashed about the spiral go
and when the questing bard inside you speaks
you will know.

I keep shifting into Dragon at the most improper times
I keep hearing rushing water from another room.
There's a tingling all along my bones;
I'm soaring in my mind,
fearing more my capture than my doom.

I am waiting for more lightning
but would prefer just not to wait
let me ride a tradewind to it
and come down some other day
I cannot stay.

Something missing here; parking lot full moon prayer
cut the circle down.
Make your own way.
Lightning will strike for you as many times as it has to.
Follow your own light.

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