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Girl Into Devil (I Belong to Me) - text


"Who do you belong to, little girl?
Why do you wander in the deep, dark wood?"
It's not an easy answer, I'm afraid.
She fits your little story, but she's up to no good.
Growing up means growing into war,
waiting to be broken just to understand,
going where you've never gone before,
changing into devil just as fast as you can.

Wolves shall croon in your merciless ear.
Don't believe everything that you hear.
Wear your color high and tilt your head just so.
Maybe nobody will know.
Who is more a dragon or a danger? Who's to say?
Stolen fairytale girls never get to take the easy way.
A danger and a devil disguised as a child at play,
Masha raises her head to say,
"I belong to me. Even now, even here, I belong to me."

Drink the souls of songbirds, little girl.
Spin your lie like thread and suck the music down.
Counterfeit to hardness all you will.
Everybody knows that you're from out of town.
Trust the devil never to let go,
mixing hell and romance just like any other fool.
Wisely, you must heed a sister's words:
love comes down to nothing more than who is to rule.

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