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For Iago - text


Dark unto my light he came.
We were never much the same.
He never would come in
out of the rain,
but I loved him,
even so.
Now he's turned his tail to the tempest
and I have to let him go.

Wind and rain hardly ever say goodbye.
Nor do sleeping queens or restless lovers,
little say the Ravished
or leopards who can fly.
He turned his eyes to September
when all the clocks ran silent
with a sigh.

And it's one little wish for Iago
on the rough and stormy sky!

When all the sand runs downward, say farewell.
Hurry back, with tons of tales to tell
while he holds fast for the memory
of that which was Mallow still.

Sun and shade won't shatter on a whim.
I'll not starve the breeze for missing him.
And the storms shall hold a cotillion,
for they'll never know he's gone,
but my brother was always very good in a storm!

So it's one little wish for Iago:
Little Breezes and Rough Storms.

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