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Darker State of Grace - text


I am your dying sickle moon
I am your circle dance
Halloween in the midnight blue
has left for you a sliver of a chance
to love a wet-lipped, well-lit spectacle
in silk and tattered lace
hold me in your arms;
transcend a darker state of grace

Let me under your wing, smoker angel;
I'll be good.
Let me hear your heartbeat, smoker angel
if you would that I would
fly with you
let me die with you
if this isn't to be pursued
what in heaven's name will i do?
won't I die from lack of you?

I am your fading afternoon
Your raven on the wing
leave behind your twisted halo, boy,
just to come and hear me sing
Stop that flying 'round and come to me
have done with this merry chase!
What high time 'twould be to kiss
the shadows from your face.

Let me under your wing, smoker Angel;
I am cold.
I'm not flying off now, smoker Angel
If my heart's too bold,
then you'll forgive me here
I'll keep you warm and near
If your destiny's unclear, go find it
I can wait here
without fear for you.

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