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I am your green wind
know me well
Every secret in this place
is mine to tell
I can send you to heaven
leave you lost in hell
you're all so very much alike
it's just as well

I will tell you all my secrets
softly in your ear
be careful what you wish for
you may not wish to hear
My name is Casimira
as was every name before
I watch your wretched progress
from afar. Come here, darling

I have kept a room for you
(do not question do not fight)
I have kept a room for you
(I'll make this city long for you)
I have kept a room for you
(you'll give it all away, for a few scattered nights)

You all go hunting secrets
'til there's nothing left
You ask it of the heavens
and the beggars in one breath
I sit back with the spiders
and I laugh myself sick
I watch you give it all away
You're all so much alike
I will help you see the way of things
and still your fall from grace
You'll have no more need for goddesses
unless you make me wait
When you find I've come to love you
do not question, do not fight
We have to cause a little pain
to shed a little light

I have kept a room for you
(do not question, do not fight)
(you're going to love it here)
(don't make me wait again)
how far will you go
how hard will you try
how much will you give
will you fall to desperation
I will give you the names
of those you must find to let you stay
Take the secret from my hand
I have kept a room for you.
Casimira dressed in green
won a war at age 13
They'll tell you that i wanted it enough
(will you give it all away?)
Do not make me wait again.

Dream yourself to death
Cry yourself to sleep
F*ck perchance to dream
I have kept a room for you.

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