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Where’s the summer?
Where’s the sun?
Mute the violence
Mute the drums
Up from highland
Down to plum
Here november
Hopes were high
You said you would
And so did i
You climbed the stairs and waved goodbye
And down below
The rainy street
The drawl of car wheels on autumn leaves
I’m full of doubt
Still i believe
Cause if you’re lucky
There comes a bloom
That folds the night
And fills your room
Your victory waltz
Your never too soon
Should we return what we became?
To be so fearless,
To be so brave?
The loss in loss
Has never changed
Entire lives
Have gone oppressed
And this is surely safe to guess
The ghost of living
Is worse than death
And down below the lonely street
And far from there the silver sea
And further still, you from me

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