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hold yourself from dark
my arms are tired
saw you walking backwards
towards the fire

i'm in love with the red sky
i'm in love with the tragedy
we'll be trading what we can't reunite
'cause i believe that she'll leave me

caught of flesh
of absolute perfection
shattered like
felt dark
in all directions

track floats like a ballet
all below in the distance
just as sad as the wind we'd say
it's all gone in an instant

it's just so easy, it's hard
it's just so easy, it's hard

hold me close
I can't feel you
You'll have to trust me
I can't steal you

as strays
like hearts for you
to burn it
smoke curls from your mouth
before you turn in

our love is a white gum
been lost in the monday
in the hours and minutes

it's just so easy
it's hard
it's just so easy
it's hard

hold me close,
I can't feel you
you'll have to trust me

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