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Drift - text


Isn't it hard, isn't it long
up all night trying to write this song
there's no way that you'll forget what I said
there's no way you'll forgive me

look at that slow southern sun
hovering, burning over everyone
cool air that blows just rattles the vent
I've only always said what I thought I meant

I'm in inclined to give up
this time
I'm incline to drift
or crawl

most gods use short words
deserted lovers got what they deserve
only wish you that you had turned to say
it's all right i still love you anyway

watch that crow as it floats from view
radio towers and dark hills drift
photographs are bent and stretched across
every promise i broke, every smile you lost

I'm in inclined to give up
this time
I'm inclined to drift
or crawl

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