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Liberty explodes at the strangest times
A thorny walk through the darkest mines
April sang like a baby bird
The music soared, I only heard the words
Poured my soul out on a bloody page
For a moment last night I thought that I was saved
It ain't safe inside, but I'm going in
I feel like jazz, I feel like Berlin

Baby, baby, please
Get up off your knees
This ain't the time or place to grieve, all you grieve
I'm declaring war on arrogance
It's always been the worst and the fall of men
Just look at Rome, look at the old south
It's the oppressed that show you then and now
How sheer will can turn the world on its side
And when they do it again
Your luxury, SUVs, Won't be no place to hide

Martin Luther King and the Liberty Bell
Versus a Super Bowl ring of artifacts of hell
Hello could you please, hold for a while?
I'm on the toilet in the gap with a heroin smile
Maybe I've gone too far
Maybe I call it quits
I just wanna burn straight through all regrets
So if you sleep tonight, I hope you're safe and warm
And if you wake up scared, I hope you're not alone
I hope you're not alone

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From A Late Night High Rise

Matthew Ryan texty

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