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Wish The Whole World Knew - text

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All of the things i never did,
I was waiting for the right time,
All of the things i never said,
I was waiting for the right line,
When is the right time,
Id be waiting all my life,
So Im gonna show you more,
The only way i know how,
And i dont care who sees,
A i dont care who tells who
I wish the whole world knew,
Baby i've been kissing you,
Through people walking by,
May stare at you and I.
Girl i had nowhere left to go,
I was waiting for the right sign,
Something you'd say to let me know,
It was time to cross that line,
All of this time i didnt know,
That you were already mine,
Let me take me all the way,
Share you what no words can say,
Why, should i hide,
When you're close to me,
Its the only time, Im alive,
And I.

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