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Ry Cuming,[1] better known as RY X, is an Australian indie singer songwriter and guitarist[2] based in Los Angeles and the first artist signed to the Stockholm-based label Dumont Dumont label.[3][4] He started performing under his birth name Ry Cuming, before adopting the stage name RY X. Cuming is a tenor singing voice.[5] Cuming's track "Let Your Spirit Fly" appeared on the soundtrack of the 2006 film Hoot.

Cuming was born in the small coastal Australian town of Angourie, New South Wales, Australia, and was a surfing enthusiast.[6] He started his career using his birth name. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, he mentioned Pearl Jam and Jeff Buckley as the greatest influence on him.[6] He started writing music at 16, after he heard Buckley's album Grace.[6]

He moved to Los Angeles, where he was signed by Jive Records, releasing his self titled debut album on 20 July 2010.[7] and briefly toured with Maroon 5, becoming their opening act in select venues.[2] He won Australia's Dolphin Awards for "Best Pop Song" and "Best New Artist."[8] In 2012, he also cooperated with Frank Wiedemann, to release "Howling".[1] His Berlin EP, released on 28 August 2013,[9] was made available as 12" vinyl and digital. The title track "Berlin" from the EP charted in France, Germany and the United Kingdom.[10][11][12]

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Dawn (2016)
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Haste video česky 64
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