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Too Cool For You To Know - text


Hey, hey, everybody come on! Come on!
One, two, three, hey, four

Look at me, I'm a super rad hipster
Sometimes I share pants with my sister
My brand new [?] shoes give me blisters
[?] to my moustache, looking like Christa
Um, yeah, I am artsy
Smoke cigarettes and use the word "gnarly"
Me and my friends always have team parties
In my band house they have 8 track recordings
Sitting on my MacBook, looking at the Bonnaroo line-up
This [?] live in a telephone wind-up
Call up my friends and they drink all the wine up
We all sing harmonies, catch me on the high notes
Give me a guitar and a [?]
And a blanket in the middle of a soccer field
Take polaroid pictures of each other's [?]
And then put them up right away on my Tumblr (Hey!)
Do you like my denim jacket?
I found it at a thrift shop racked in the back
It's so 1960s, I'm such a hippy
Me and my friends [?] (No way!)
Road trip up to San Fran this week
Travel in the van with the band all [?]
Have you heard the new Radiohead?
It's okay but I like [?]

Anyway, when I ride to the city for a coffee
We can buy new Ray Bans and [?]
I want a beanie like [?]
And a moustache and a fucking beard too
I wanna do American pair of [?]
And get another pair of these sick bowling shoes
And wear 'em tight next week and maybe go fishing
Just be sure to bring the [?] blue ribbon
And I don't believe in God, I don't have a good reason
I only eat chicken, yeah, I'm gonna be vegan, yeah, I swear
I haven't washed my hair in at least two weeks
But I have a pocket comb just like [?]
My shorts are too short and I don't wear sleeves
And I wear v-necks, check out my trackies
I like a bunch of bands you'd have never ever heard
They're from overseas and I've learnt all the words
Watch the video on Vimeo [?]
HD quality, only 720
I like fedoras and candles and incense and mandem
Hand me down [?] teachers and flannels
American spirits and serious lyrics
I'm not a hipster it's just my appearance (Yep, yeah)

No, no, trust me, you - I would show you, you haven't heard of them
Haha, no, no, no, seriously
Hey, could I get some more coffee? Thankyou
Um, no, no, no, no, honestly - uh - uh, this is a band from like - uh over there, so pretty cool though
I mean they have - uh really cool stage performance with like 15 to 25 hundred of them on stage at a time - um, that's really cool
Wait - hip-hop? Do I like hip-hop? No, I mean unless you're talking about like 2Pac, Thug Life or like - I mean I don't like any of that new shit
Except for Odd Future, I mean they're cool, but I mean... Haha...
Nah, I don't really like hip-hop that much I mean it depends, have you...
Nah, all these stupid fucking kids that are trying to do it around here and stuff, you know what I mean, like...
Yeah, I know...
Nah, I know it's - it's so stupid, I mean they're just - they're just - like, who're they trying to be? You know what I mean, I feel like, like they don't even know themselves, you know what I mean? I just feel like I'm one with me and I just, you know...
No, no, I agree with you, like, totally...

Text přidala Katygrassi16

Video přidala Katygrassi16

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