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Truth hurts, truth heals
This is the truth hurting and healing right here

So I decided all I need is this computer and this microphone
I'm wearing Vans, dude, I can't afford no Nikes, bro
Don't sleep around but if I'd like I could have nighty hoes
But if I fall in love with one, afraid I might propose
Some girls get known for being the baddest
While others tryna' update relationship status
Some get jealous, always wonder like Alice
Others understand the bigger picture, something like atlas
I'm a star in some of their eyes, something like Dallas
Other ones wouldn't know if I was a prince with a palace
The starry-eyed girl wants to watch me at practice
The other one calls me a "faggot" when I tell her I'm rappin
I tell the one who likes me you never know what could happen
While the other one is right there in my face just laughing
Starry-eyed Shay likes my raps and tats and my hair and my hats
Got stupid Sydney asking, "Wait are you for real?"
With her tone sarcastic
Shay's ready to play, if I rapped in plastic
The only problem is Shay got me halfway flaccid
While Sydney got me lagging, I'm replying like faxes
Sydney is too indie with her vintage fashion
Listens to old records, if it's vinyl, she has it
Shay, by the way has pretty nice ass
And it happens that I have fucking habit of grabbing
But Sydney, holy fuck, yeah you should see Sydney
Not just ass but also titties
Yeah, the whole damn package
Shay likes me
She thinks my life is lavish and
If I had a world for Sydney she would never ever have it
Shay blushes over me while
Face all radish while
Syd could give a fuck if I had green like salad, look

Stuck chit-chatting with two opposite girls
Man I'm living in two out of the world
Stuck chit-chatting with two opposite girls
Man I'm living in two out of the world

Look, I don't ever want fan to be my fucking girlfriend
It's nice to be recognized for my hustle working
Shay says me all my sleepless nights are fucking worth it
Sydney says me to give up and it is all but worthless
I'm broke and i know that I'm supposed to purchase, watches and nice purses
These things are urgent
Shay, wants me to save her like the pastors sermon
Sydney says, me, I can't like a church of virgins
Every time I try to talk to her it makes me nervous
Type out all my sentences in 3 different versions
Making sure i use the right words in all my verses
That I write about how i'll nurture her like nurses
It always ends up me against her, versus
Shay is searching for my heart surgeon
And Sydney could care less if we ever meet in person
I'm not upset but annoyed and in a way I'm hurting
'Cause I'm falling hard for Sydney but with Shay I'm barely flirting
And Shay looks okay on the surface but I can see Sydney's heart in the president suburban
Windows tinted, double limo in the city steady swearvin
Shay treats me like I'm royal like my first name was Turkish
But Sydney thinks I'm crazy, I should "Join the fucking circus"
Because of her I hardly sleep for the reasons that is certain
She's a witch and a bitch got me under all her curses
Shay knows my middle name but i couldn't tell you what hers is
Im on the internet on Sydney's blog always lurking
Pictures of her surfing
And you know what the worst is
She knows i hate the ocean yeah fuck the sea urgent
Shay leave me alone
Yes, I know you like my version of "Drug Baby" acoustic but I wrote that shit on purpose
Yeah, See I wrote it about about Sydney
You wanna know what the worst is
I wrote it about Sydney
I love her, I think that she is perfect

Stuck chit-chatting with two opposite girls
Man I'm living in two out of the world
Stuck chit-chatting with two opposite girls
Man I'm living in two out of the world

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