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It's just me, against the world.
Yo, listen please
Everybody hates me when they see me
but they love me once they meet me
and I'm hotter than the sun wearing a beanie
This the life I live because I chose it
Nobody ever propose it but it's so picture perfect you would think that I was posing for the cameras and the lenses.
I would never consider someone who knew about my business as a friend It's crazy to think that forever is an endless
And even though these things make sense im still relentless.
When it comes to putting dinner in my stomach I'll be grubbing onto something til' i love it and I vomit.
Running up that hill to the money like a summit
I'm the coldest white boy in this rap thing I promise.
Too many tattoos to even start counting
Spend so much time I've had to hire an accountant
Filled up quick like my body was a tweak, but a hundred forty characters could never let me reach.
To the people, the art of how I truly feel aint but damn wont be enough I need the whole damn easel.
New nickname King James cause im regal
Thank God freedom of speech isn't illegal, look
I hope to be the next Tupac Shakur
Walk a different path than now, with two socks before
I get two shots or more taken at me from the wrong weapon
Where I'm from we never see Smith and Wesson
But I'm guessing if a lesson could be learned instead of lived, God would have a whole lot more than give.
People fucking for themselves
and then they have a little kid
Bring them out unto this Earth and then desert them for a bit look
I spit faster than the voice behind a fine print
I'm losing my mind so it'd be great if I could find it
I say that I love money but the love I have is priceless
I'm in first place you won't ever find me behind it
Uh, my statistics keep on moving up
I'm sorry if you hated on me and you never wished me luck
But I don't give an F word and I never did
Who are you to say that you ever doubted this kid
So blessed that I was let to dream
So I tap out I let my feeling on this retina screen
Made a living from myself 'bout expensive things that in crowd til' I die man I love my team. Look
I can hardly believe that I smoke weed, but I was feeling green that day call it Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Used to play guitar a lot until I broke a string
The logie, which is the exact one that I need
'Cause my emotions so low tanks on me and I could give a fuck about ya, take on me. I'm not the same but still a Hipster and a shitty artist, need those six zero's like I said I barely fucking started.
I'm starving (3x)
starving for attention, for attention.
Point your eyes please, please, please.
Point them in my direction (Truth hurts, truth heals)
'Cause I'm starving, I'm starving for attention.
and I'm starving for attention, starving for a..
Starving for an answer..

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Truth hurts truth heals


Jesse Rutherford texty

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