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One more for all my locals in the group chat
Another topic for some gossip and a few laughs
I been running through tracks, this was just like two laps
Couple auto-tune raps, you know I had to do that
I can't let you forget, I'm the dude that made a few moves that
Helped you break through that wall you were stuck behind
Gave it a couple tries but you never saw the other side 'til you were on my side
Had you hypnotised, I was on overdrive
Looked into the light, think I started going blind
I know I ruined your life, it was unintentional
Repercussions of friendships that go professional
We were buddies once, for a couple months
On each other's top eights but not each other's number one
We were having fun under that suburban sun
But going 'round the world once was more than enough
For both of us
Fallin' out of love is tough 'cause when you hit the ground, there's no-one there to help you up
Look, I know you want me dead or at least suffering
But you don't live inside my head, I'm already both
I'm already broke, keep on losing hope
I try to spit fire but that's still too cold
Got me feeling old, I don't wanna be a one-hit wonder with nothing else I can show
I don't even wanna talk now
Last time we spoke you were goin' on 'bout
How I need to be stopped, how I need to get knocked out
I gave you the outline and you're tryna bring the chalk out?
Last thing I wanna do is fight you
Questioning if I ever really liked you
I talked to Ashley later on that night too
Said you showed up at her house but she didn't invite you
Oh, truth hurts, truth heals, right?
God, I wait and wonder what it feels like
You're right, I have trouble bein' nice
But it ain't all rainbows and butterflies in real life

Text přidala Katygrassi16

Video přidala Katygrassi16

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