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(Uh, uh, uh, uh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
(Jesse James, Jesse James, Jesse James, yeah)
This one's fun! Haha, but I mean, for real, look

[Verse 1]
Here's another song that is mindless
But it will be timeless
I'll say all my rhymes, shit
My girl always a fine-ness
She's moving pretty face but I'm still not quite behind it
Sitting on my lap like your highness, my time is
Precious, good-looking, but I know yours is precious too
Pushing on my lips making impressions, I'm impressing you
I would never think to ask but in my head I'm questioning
If I was Bill Clinton would you treat me like the president?
You got brains and I could give you a quick lesson in
Structuring your sentences, I'm ill, I might need medicine
Ha, another rapper joke, I'm dope but I'm just playing
Now, shh, quiet down and do whatever that the song is saying
I, I, w-wan-wan-want head!
(I mean, I just wanna be honest with you, I really do, I think it'd be great)
I, I, I, I, wan-wan-want head!
(Your lips are like gummy worms or some shit, fuck...)
I want head!
(Check it out now!)

[Verse 2]
Now I really think you understand
What I want you to do with your drive in your hands
Been working all day, I'm a hard-working man
So cute when I see you work hard with your hands
Damn, did you go to Harvard for that?
Sticking out her tongue like she's starving to death
Not yet soon to be a star, reckon that?
The beat bumps kinda like the heart in her chest
Sometimes I'm like "Ehh..." when it comes to this
But this one's gotta be the fucking best when it comes to this
If her lips were a party, trust me, you would come to this
Um, no, but for real, you would come to this! (Trust me)
So I came to a conclusion 'bout her brains (Her brains)
She's great at giving long division, grammar is insane (Insane)
Plus, the girl's handwriting skills are amazing (Amazing)
Now shit, what's some magic man? David Blaine's baby

I, I, w-wan-wan-want head!
(I, I, I do...)
I, I, I, I, wan-wan-want head!
(Like, I don't wanna like ask for it. Maybe I motion towards it a little bit, you know what I mean?)
I want head!
I, I, w-wan-wan-want head!
(I mean, it's up to you in the long run but I mean look, I'm just thinking...)
I, I, I, I, wan-wan-want head!
(I don't wanna be this upfront but listen, um...)
I want head!
(It's true!)

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