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Gentlemen - text


Want me to overreact, say you're over my act
Louis Vuitton on my tag, feeling under attack
I can't lie, I understand, I stabbed you in the back
You were my number one fan, let you play drums in the band
Took you all over the world, let you share all my friends
Switching driving the van, bet now you wishin' we crashed
So you could stop looking back
Reminiscin' the past, some shit just ain't meant to last
R.I.P. to my dad, alright
You try to bring that up, you try to bring me down
And when I tried to talk you wouldn't hear me out
Yeah, I know you just wanna make your daddy proud
I kicked you out my house, I'm not your daddy now
Ohh, boy, you made me say that
You can play the victim but I don't really play that
You're looking for payback and I'm easy to aim at
Throw me shade and I'm throwing rain back, ain't that (bitch!)

You're still reapin' the benefits
Will I ever hear the end of it?
Gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen
Yeah, I took you from a sweater to a letterman

Yeah, you want all the credit, alright
You should go ahead and get it, alright
This is the moment that the wedding ends
You tossin' La Bouquet, nobody catching it
I know it ain't easy to sleep when you see me in your dreams
Scared that I'm underneath, oh
I got you grinding your teeth
I'm like a wolf wearing sheep, I'm always ready to eat, ay
You're upset and you're hurt (you're mad)
Stressful when your shit doesn't work (I know)
Your new song is the best one that I've heard (true)
Honestly, I hope you get what it's worth (I do)
Only so many words I can say to you here in this verse
I owe you some, I can't say it's the first time that I've tried
And it caused your bubble to burst
My love is a gift and a curse, aww, yeah (it hurts, hurts)
My love is a gift and a curse
My love is a gift and a curse
Mmm, my love is a gift and a curse
Sometimes it works, sometimes it hurts
You come to second if the first doesn't work
I've got it

Meechers! Did we get him, honey?

Text přidala Katygrassi16

Video přidala Katygrassi16

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