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sometimes my pants wish they were tight as i was,
sometimes my vans sick kinda like a virus,
sometimes my long socks get a little dirty,
but i throw em in the washer and i keep it 30/30
doin what i do and i always stay real,
three zero, three zero.

lemme address it,
the question,
that i know you’ll be stressin,
what in the hell is 30/30?
jesse how can i get it?
simple as lookin fresher then the freshest of freshman,
you just gotta look good whether you got it or get em,
personally, i prefer a pair of khaki’s or denim,
cuffed up like ill wills chicks were when you met em,
tall white songs, geeked up from my feet up,
pants lookin tighter than a damn ballerina,
i look like a nerd, and its not for a reason,
but i still get ladies who look likr hillary duff,
oh sweet jesus!
cross on my neck,
i wear plain white t’s dont need lacoste on my chest,
these pants were 40 bucks dont pay the cost for the rest,
and as far as the beanie i rock it cause i copped it from neff,
dollars make sense so i would say i was money wise
and i keep it 30/30 never fuck with the 29’s
no poligimist but i could have plenty wives,
all makin me eggs while i get dressed homie sunny side.
ironing my white t’s makin sure the wrinkles out,
this is the mixtape so don’t ask me when the singles out,
don’t worry i’ll put a single out.
i would rather been singled out than fitting in,
fingers pointed at me like “look at that fuckin idiot!”
his jeans too short,
his dreams too impractical,
i say being tatted up and white as fuck is tactical,
plus my raps magical,
actually their actual,
expressions of myself in words lowercase and capitals,
my ryhme physique,
is buffer than your biceps,
hate me cause i am a rapper, go ahead and try it.
i’ve been chewed up more than trident,
tell me to shut up but i still wont silence,
hock lugees on these records pal jj sinus,

sometimes my pants wish they were tight as i was,
sometimes my vans sick kinda like a virus,
sometimes my long socks get a little dirty,
but i throw em in the washer and i keep it 30/30

i'm not even gonna introduce myself
as of late i seem to have a change of heart
and notice i don't seem to mind the time we stay apart
snakes come out the grass and tend to show their true colors
so now i focus on myself, maybe a few others
and those who stay close aren't too hard to see
cuz they all seem to wear the same logo as me
representin for much, much more than my hometown
miles away but i just wish i was home now
grown now, old friends gettin old now
and i could really care less bout records sold now
all my idols 30 with the life they gotta live
take care of their kids, white house and the picket fence
you want it real? this is the 3D image
mama said she'll manage, but sorry i gotta spit it
that's the problem with a kid with no limits
just charge it to the card, keep it zoomin til i'm finished
if you could see past the way fans you'd understand
movin like chess, so everything has got a plan
every kid from my city got a label
and then i call their bluff, bringin nothin to the table
actions speak louder than words, oh it's true
what i'd do if i was you is probably so miniscule
cuz i'm me, and i'm beef
i'm hometown hero, i'm t.i.c.
pry tees and nikes set me apart from what you're doin
i'm oceans spewin through the videos you're viewing
just started, no plans to ever stop now
pressure builds down he's got a hand full of rocks now
so i ask you: never leave me behind
because i'm slowly but surely steady losing my mind
bitch hit me on the text but i'm tired of the flirtin
whatever you're doin is clearly never workin
my head in the clouds, my mind is so dirty
doin what i do, i just keep it from 30/30
i don't know about you
but i'm wakin up every morning with perfect vision

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