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Uh, uh, uh, hey
Woo, on some real shit, though, dawg, listen
Yo, look

Sittin' in this office all day ain't cuttin' it
Benefits lettin' me pay all my bills, I'm lovin' it
9 to 5, 5 days a week I'm coverin'
And soon I'll be on every magazine front cover, yeah
I'm in the crowd exclusively
Girls lookin' at my brown eyes and then I bite recursively, yeah
I'm a spider and my webs are catchy hooks
Check the books, rewriting history, don't give me sketchy looks
Pesky rucks hatin' me 24/7 but I grind all the time and we're continuin' forever
In any endeavor, I would leave this storm before it tethers me and I'm the master chief
These feathers roamin' free, bang gang, I hit it, my treble drumming
Holla at my homies and that's where my trouble come
Laughin' and yellin', the freshest, like, we were gone
But better be the best then whoever's behind number one
I refuse to get by with every paycheck 'cause by the end of every week I feel like it's been wasted
I study these raps and not a minute was wasted
Whether on Twitter, on Facebook and I'm MySpace-ing
It's so amazing, I'm impressive, huh?
I make the beat, sing the hook but it's not enough
I rap my words, spit a verse, get the kids to hear us
And we can only fear God but only God can fear us, yeah
Come on, hate me please
'Cause every time you watch our video and tell your friends it pleasures me
You can kill me with a gun, you can't Heath Ledger me
And if the hills have eyes then I hope the hills are Beverley
All eyes at me, from where the stars live
And I'm just livin' off the light all the stars give
I'm not done yet, I just started
Nearly half way and I'm in it whole-hearted

Uh, I do this shit where I say the same fuckin' line all the time
Apparently "I just started"
It's not really true, I started like a year ago actually
Yeah, I started when I was in Target
Haha, yo, yo, I nearly just started, excuse me I kinda just farted
Yo, ha, simply retarded, ha, yo
Fire repeller, look at you, I'm fuckin' flier than properlllers, uh
Yo please stop poppin' it down when you know the doors on my car [?]
Now 'cause I'm not home alone, call me and [?]
Yo, was he ever in another movie, really? No but Austin Powers is so groovy
Yo, and I like to go in movies, like a tower no-one said it's [?]
Yo, for real, off the top of my brain, first name Jesse and the middle James
Uh, insane in the membrane, talkin' [?] and you know I do it every day, ha, yo](11416359)
Dope rap shit, bitch, fuck!

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