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Uh, hey, ahem
Look, you're gonna be shocked but listen

I just inhaled marijuana for the first time, I'm sorry world
But life's a bitch if you let it be a sorry girl
Mine has always been beautiful and honest
Always looked like Cinderella now she looks like Pocahontas
Yes, I [?] that shit
Smoke that stress because I figure it'd relieve mind-shit
Truth hurts, truth heals, I believe that shit
Money will keep the water running 'cause I need that shit
Water running [?] of my windshield
I [?] like Springfield
Rap [?]
My DJ spins records like a windmill
In my head, you catch my drift?
I'm too far out but you're so infield
Watch everybody just get mad at me for this now
Someone screwing through my head, pointless to write this down
Squeeze my hand around this mike making a fist now
And I don't fight tonight, I took flight, you pissed now?
You pissed how? Keep on telling me that I missed out
I never missed shit, what the fuck? You think I skipped town?
Hungrier than ever so my mouth starting to drip out
Flu is [?] dude to make you trip out
See me all over the world wide web
Double U, double U, double U, dot, I heard that kid
Back in the day when his words were my shit
Now I'm fucking with his ass like a bitch
No more virginal shit
I dissected what I was doing with surgical kits
Started sneezing on these tracks, that's "allergical" spit
I will murder this shit
Never heard of a kid who springs and bounces to touch the sky on some vertical shit
It rained all day non-stop, plus, it's Sunday
No Monday, feeling kinda hungry
I never knew just how poor I was
When I was young, used to explore up in Toys R Us
I even went and bought a [?] for us
I was barely even in my teens supporting us
Yeah, nobody gets it if you're listening and hearing me
Just know that my whole life that this shit always has been clear to me
I don't want to live forever, [?] social security
Food stamps are in the past I mean that with sincerity
No sob story, please, so no tears for me
Not a product of the environment that's here with me

And I don't need to feel alive
When I'm home, oh
Truth hurts, truth heals
Truth hurts, truth heals
I feel so real
Trees bigger than
Shaquille O'Neal
Try to sign me, I won't take your deal
Actually, hold up, if I feel
So real, then I'll take that deal

My ankles are cold
But you gotta keep those pants [?] up
It's cold out there today, man
It's always cold
It's always cold
It's always cold
It's always cold

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