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[Verse 1: Gaara (Rustage)]
Monster, mad man, put em to sleep, Sandman
Fighting assassins since birth so I leave em in consonant pain, Hangman
Put Rock Lee in the bedrock
End of, stop a meteor when it's dropping
Red ring of death like an Xbox
'Cough cough' gonna put a corpse in a coffin heh
Atone of the dead love to go for the head cus it's tatted on me
Watch how I'm stacking these bodies, I guess you could call it a pyramid scheme
Look at my beast, see I'm number one
Whole life was a beach but I stayed strong
Dry heat, bars crisp like a Poppadom
When I'm bending the earth like a Beifong
Mother's love, no Oedipus, Sand Village can't threaten us
Rejected at birth but I'm putting in work, when I serve you deserts that are venomous
[Verse 2: Tsunade (FrivolousShara)]
The fifth Fire Shadow bring me to the light
With a Drunk Fist like Lee plead the fifth for ya life
I'm a well known medical Nin so I'm a lifeline
Save you from the depth of your sin or leave you flatlined?
Not akin to my chest, they say that I'm the breast
Er, best, and I can say it with my chest
I don't like your odds against me
Says a lot but I'll gamble it all
Ha, look, you don't want your neck laced with these hands
Blood of Hashirama in what I am, tough skin but a sweetheart, I am
Dubbed a lot of names, lot of titles
From "princess" to slug queen, a Sannin quite cunning
My lineage speaks so do fingers choose which
A hundred seals let the Chakra spill on the page my story with the glitch
Just because the dreamer dies
It really doesn't mean that the dream does
I'm putting my faith in Jiraiya, Nawaki, Dan
And you, you, you, you, you
[Verse 3: Onoki (Shwabadi)]
Dwayne Johnson, I Rock the mic and stay strong, son
Float in fights but no Flotsam, when I off a man Ron Swanson
Breaking 'em down into their elementary particles but with no Watson
They overlook cus I'm not young, remind them why they're at the bottom
Throw stones like an All Star, Smash Mouth
I'm the worst guest up in a glass house
Face a meteor and don't back down
Make an MC fade into the background
Done carried the village for so long, my back is wrecked to the bone
They're tryna take me down but they just don't have the stones
Might not make it home, I know what I must do
When they see us go they gon' catch this dust too
[Verse 4: Mei (Stargirl)]
Breaking you down like acid, tragic molecules gone, it's magic, blasted
Madara's moves can't hack it, I corrode Susanoo like it's plastic, crack it
Steam Breath hitting peak temp
Blow you away with a heat jet
Any step you take you'll regret
Turn guys to geysers, I eject
They all want a taste of this (ay)
Sealing their fate with a kiss (ahh)
Leave them in a crazy trip
Make 'um melt with the flow from the lips
Got them hotter than a sauna, see the sweat droplets
Other Ninjas wanna hit it, but I guess they missed
Steamroll any adversary and esteemed role is the one I carry
To be peaceful to my people but I rain the fire when it's necessary
[Verse 5: A (NonelikeJoshua)]
Raikage, you know there's no higher
Of the Hidden Cloud on top of the mountain my flow's fire
Like lightning on your wood style, verse is pro while
I don't even need a Killer B for a ghostwriter
Compare me to Minato but I'm the only one that's really hot
Not a single Ninja here that could keep up with where we fought
Coming at me? Made you look, cause I ain't even there to spot
Arms are bigger than your head, you get the double lariat
AB conversation, Seppuku yourself, please
I'm getting tired of these Ninjas hidden in the leaves
Every Kage gonna know that I'm a thunderous beast
When I'm the only one who had Naruto begging on his knees
Sasuke, see your Susanoo sustaining injuries
Your Sharingan is slower than a sloth in the trees
The emo teen anguish is making you look weak
Was that a Chidori? Or did I feel a breeze?
Don't need a right arm, because Darui saves
And my fist bump would pummel these other Kages
Yeah you know that I'm capable, never too late
Madara gonna ride the lightning to his grave

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