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Last Of The Mohicans - text


"Today I buried my son.
No father should bury his son,
Especially, when he is the last of his tribe.
Today my heart is bleeding!"

1757 the story began
"Alice" and "Cora" and a British young man
Ambushed they fall into enemy's hands
"Magua the Snake" is taking his chance

"Hawkeye" and the Indians right on his track
Hunting Jim down in the attack
"Magua" flees, becoming a ghost
So "Fort William-Henry" a shelter supposed

His soul's flying on the wind,
The valleys to roam
Free on the hunting grounds,
"Manitou' gave him a home'

He became the last of the Mohicans,
When his son died in his arms
He became the last of his zodiac of his tribe,
When he buried his son in his heart

All soldiers dead, the two girls are gone
"Unkas" to follow to "Delaware's" home
The sign of the "Tortoise" is saving his life
"Magua" flees to make "Cora" his wife

[Pre / Chorus]

Follow the "Huron", to bring him to death
Grinding his tribe, taking its breath
"Magua" is running and two of his men
He drags along "Cora" right by the hand

Right through the cave, abductors are trapped
The death of the cliff is holding them back
"Cora" is murdered so "Unkas" attacks
By "Magua's" knife he's stabbed in the back

1757 the story began
"Unkas" had died right at the end
The "Mohicans" fade, the end of the tribe
"Chingachgook" robbed of his pride

[Pre / Chorus]

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