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Auld Nick patron saint o thieves, murderers & sailors
Strike these shackles from me uh-huh
Slide the bolt from out the door & tear down all the wire
My babys growin cold & im on fire
The aind that whistles off the hills & carries her perfume
Carries too a lonely carol badly out of tune
For just tonight beyond them walls id lay a mountain low
And sing to her like only i know how
They dont hang no fairy lights these rusty iron bars
So ill burn a paper lamp for her to see
Though shes left like a widow of a war that never was
Theres a light still burns in me
Auld Nick patron saint o' merchants, pawnmen & the judges
Who barter with the lives o men the battlers & the bludgers
Go haunt the dogs awhile they sleep & thrash em round to sense
Theres to many good bkys this side of the fence
Theres boys in here for liftin gear from non-be-wary strangers
Newly minted ner-do-wells & them born with the dangers
For ljvin less than fruitful lives, toppin less than faithful wives
A broken line o' fools that span the ages
Auld Nick patron saint o' fools from both sides of the law
For his sake wipe the dirty grin off that fat bastards jaw
For we're lovers of tradition & we might yet find a way
To hold them bloody keys come boxing day

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