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Brave Awakening - text


Mother, I fear for the laddies
There ain't much more coal to go down to
There ain't much more soul to get round to
Not anymore

Mother, I fear for the laddies
Ain't much more soul to get round to
Lessening of companies that are finding
Things to bind to it anymore

I'd hate to just realize why
That company's getting so shy
The bairns don't have get togethers
'Round here not anymore

It's happening all over the city
Talking 'bout going on down to
The town where the money's just bound to
Surely just ease the door

They're telling their sisters of why
Feelings that pass them close by
All that they seek is what they're wanting to keep
And it's glistening right there in their eyes

Oh mother I fear for the laddies
Father, says no one goes down to
The face of some mine no boy of mines
Gonna be bound to, anymore

The future's, a brave new awakening
Have to no more go back down to
Bowels of this earth that will take you
Away from home and more
Home home home
Working in a coal mine

Text přidal Moonblade

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